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Jeneca Klausen’s work as a jewellery artist seeks to draw on the raw, natural beauty inspired by her surroundings, combining its imperfections with thoughtfully formed composition. Her designs embrace the natural beauty of rough, uncut, wild gems taken directly from the earth. She honours simplicity to feature the power and elegance of sustainably sourced, handpicked gemstones and applies considered asymmetry to create unexpected arrangements.

Her working method is based on intuition – feeling the stones individually, embracing their flaws, texture and unique character. Using the stone as a starting point from which the design and handmade settings respond to, Klausen’s designs are recognized for their exploration of crystal energy. Probing the subtle realms these stones evoke in their connection to the mystical, her designs are imbued with the powerful vibrations that crystals’ inherently possess.

Jeneca Klausen was born on the Bay of Fundy and her profound connection to its landscape and natural resources have shaped her work and the philosophy she applies to her designs. 





Images made By Scott Munn                                                          http://photomunn.com